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Jack Lummus Memorial Park

Dedication Ceremony 3:00 p.m. Monday, December 22, 1986

Jack Lummus Memorial Park was dedicated to the memory of 1st Lieutenant Jack Lummus, USMCR, an Ennis native and recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. It is located in front of the Ennis Chamber of Commerce at 108 Chamber of Commerce Drive facing Interstate 45.

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The Memorial Monument to Ennis War Dead is the centerpiece of Jack Lummus Memorial Park. It is 12-feet in height, and made of Texas Granite. It is a four-sides obelisk with the names of 55 Ennis men who gave their lives in the service of their country in the wars of the 20th Century. The monument is topped by a bronze star and the inscription at the base reads as follows: "In Lasting Memory Of Our Fallen Brothers Of Ennis, Texas, Killed In Action, And Their Supreme Sacrifice For Our Nation, 1986."

World War I
The list of Ennis war dead for the Great War is carved on the south face of the monument
Landers, Herman B. Sherrod, William B.
Zhanel, John Name


World War II
The list of Ennis war dead for the 2nd World War is carved on the east face of the monument
Allen, M. Hubert Barker, Cecil E.
Barr, Walter L. Bush, Raymond M.
Clark, Raymond F. Cleveland, Jessie F.
Crow, Joe R. Crumpton, Robert D.
Edwards, John C. Fisher, Elton K.
Fowler, Allen T. Frazier, Charles
Goddard, George M. Jr. Goodwin, James Wesley
Greene, Clinton H. Hejkal, Milton M.
Henderson, Joseph H. Jr. Lummus, Jack
Lusk, Luther R. Lyons, James L.
Mach, Joe F. Mayfield, John W.
McCaskill, Cyrus M. McNeil, Walter T.
Moore, John T. Newlin, John S.
Nicklas, Jesse L. Patterson, James L.
Pierce, William T. Jr. Reyther, Fred
Ricks, Charles L. Jr. Ross, Jackson B.
Shaw, Herman T. Sills, Allen F.
Sublett, Neeland Taylor, Willard H.
Toupal, Louis O. Trojacek, Emil F.
Ventrca, Edward G. Vrana, Johnny G.
Vrla, Edwin F. Zhanel, Joe Tom
Zhanel, John J. Name


Korean War
The list of Ennis war dead for the civil and military struggle in Korea is carved on the north face of the monument
Arriaga, Raymond C. Bond, Malcolm M.
Gurecky, Edwin M. Hejny, Raymond F.
Honza, Henry A. Milner, Wallace D.


Vietnam War
The list of Ennis war dead for the military struggle in Vietnam is carved on the west face of the monument
Donaldson, Darrell W. Hammonds, Roy L.
Menton, Albert D. Name

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